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Leander boasts one of the most skilled and educated workforces in the Austin region!

With over 1 million workers living within a 30 minute drive time radius and more than 1.2 million within a 45 minute drive, Leander is the ideal location for businesses seeking a large pool of talented professionals.

Leander is home to major industries, including regional and national headquarters, life sciences, technology, professional and financial services, and advanced manufacturing. Our city is proud to provide employers with access to a highly skilled workforce capable of meeting any need.

The secret to Leander’s exceptional workforce is our excellent K-12 school districts and post-secondary educational opportunities. As a result, 48.3% of Leander’s workforce, calculated by drive time radii, has earned a bachelor's degree or higher.


Austin Community College

Austin Community College – San Gabriel Campus

Discover the newest addition to the Austin Community College system - the 100-acre Leander campus! This award-winning campus features a state-of-the-art academic building spanning 110,000 square feet, complete with a stunning 3,900-square-foot rooftop terrace, cutting-edge classrooms, fully equipped science labs, a library, and a versatile multi-purpose room. The campus also boasts a 150-seat ACCelerator learning lab, designed to help students achieve their academic goals.

With plans to fully develop the 100-acre property, the Leander campus is set to accommodate up to 12,000 students and 1 million square feet of future development. Come see for yourself why the Leander campus is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after educational destinations in the region!

Join us in Leander and experience the benefits of a highly educated and skilled workforce – your business will thrive here!

Talent Pool

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