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Leander benefits from its excellent connectivity, thanks to its advantageous location within the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area. Being in close proximity to major economic centers like Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, our city provides unparalleled access to significant markets. The robust road infrastructure in Leander, including Interstate 35, U.S. Highway 183, and State Highway 45, ensures that businesses can effortlessly reach their customers and suppliers, resulting in valuable time and resource savings.

U.S. Route 183, a prominent north-south highway extending from south Texas to South Dakota, offers direct access from Leander to downtown Austin. This roadway serves as a convenient link for commuters and businesses alike.

To alleviate traffic congestion on U.S. Route 183, the 183A Toll Road was developed. Spanning 11 miles from FM 620 through Cedar Park and Leander, this toll road provides motorists with an alternative route, allowing them to bypass traffic. Additionally, non-tolled lanes are available on the frontage roads north of RM 1431, offering more flexibility to drivers.

Ronald Reagan Boulevard, situated on the eastern side of Leander, provides crucial north-south access within the city. Its presence has contributed to the facilitation of development in the area. Recognizing the significance of transportation infrastructure, the City of Leander approved a Transportation Master Plan in 2021, outlining strategic improvements to be implemented over the next decade.

For further details on Leander's transportation initiatives and infrastructure enhancements, including the city's Capital Improvement Program (CIP), more information can be found on their website, specifically in the section dedicated to the CIP.

Commuter Rail & Bus

Leander's commuter rail and bus system, operated by Capital Metro, offers convenient transportation options for residents and visitors. The Capital MetroRail Red Line connects Leander to downtown Austin, facilitating easy commuting for those working or studying in the city. With stations equipped with amenities like parking and ticket vending machines, passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride to popular destinations such as the Austin Convention Center and the University of Texas at Austin. Leander's bus system, integrated with Capital Metro, provides local transportation within the city and connections to neighboring areas, enhancing accessibility, reducing congestion, and promoting sustainability.

For more information about Leander's commuter rail system, visit Look for the "Rail" or "Commuter Rail" section on the website to find specific details about the Leander rail line, known as the Capital MetroRail Red Line. The website offers maps, rider guides, and service updates to assist with trip planning and provide further insights about the rail system.



The City of Leander partners with the Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority (BCRUA) to treat and distribute water from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). We sell water directly to consumers, ensuring access to clean and safe water. Our partnership with BCRUA helps to provide a sustainable and reliable water supply.

Commercial rates

Commercial rates shall consist of a monthly customer charge plus a consumption charge. The monthly customer charge shall be determined by the size of each water meter converted into living unit equivalents (LUEs) as follows:

Water Meter SizeLUEsMonthly Customer Charge
5/8 inch1.0$43.11
3/4 inch1.0$43.11
1 inch2.5$107.78
1-1/2 inch5.0$215.55
2 inch8.0$344.88
3 inch16.0$689.76
4 inch25.0$1,077.75
6 inch50.0$2,155.50
8 inch80.0$3,448.80
10 inch115.0$4,957.65

Customers requiring a meter size larger than 10 inches shall receive a customer charge of $43.11 per LUE. For an accurate estimate of your expected water related costs or fees, please contact Utility Services.


The City of Leander provides wastewater service. The monthly customer charges are determined by the size of each water meter. A consumption charge of $3.10 for each one thousand gallons, or part thereof, will apply to commercial customers. The monthly charge for customers requiring a meter size lager than 10 inches shall be calculated as $15.94 per LUE.

Water Meter SizeLUEsMonthly Customer Charge
5/8 inch1.0$15.94
3/4 inch1.0$15.94
1 inch2.5$39.85
1-1/2 inch5.0$79.70
2 inch8.0$127.52
3 inch16.0$255.04
4 inch25.0$398.50
6 inch50.0$797.00
8 inch80.0$1,275.20
10 inch115.0$1,833.10

To obtain an estimate of your anticipated expenses or fees related to water, kindly reach out to Utility Services.


Leander is served by Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC). PEC has provided customers with reliable electric service to its customers since 1938 and offers competitive rates. To find information on PEC’s rates, please click here.

Natural Gas

Natural gas service in Leander is provided by Atmos Energy. Atmos Energy is the nation’s largest natural-gas only distributor and provides service to more than 3 million customers across 1,400 communities. To find information about Atmos Energy’s rates, please click here.

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