Austin SCORE

About Austin SCORE

Austin SCORE provides free business mentorship through a large network of volunteers with extensive business experience. This large network provides a deep pool of knowledge that ensures that you can be paired with a mentor who has experience in your line of business.

For entrepreneurs starting a new business, SCORE mentors can provide a practical action plan, educational materials, and tools you need to open your doors and establish a customer base.

For those who already own a business, SCORE volunteer mentors can help to identify ways to increase profit, improve employee and customer satisfaction, and achieve a better work/life balance.

SCORE volunteers are specially trained and provide honest and confidential advice. All of the services offered by Austin SCORE are provided at no cost. To learn more about Austin SCORE, please click here. The Leander area location for SCORE Mentoring is the Leander Chamber of Commerce, located at 100 N. Brushy Street. To request a SCORE mentor meeting, please click here.

Free Mentoring & Workshops

Austin SCORE provides free one on one mentoring services as well as multiple workshops each month. SCORE mentors bring real world experience to their clients. SCORE Mentors are working or retired business owners, executives, and managers who have been through the same challenges that many business owners are facing today. Mentors specialize in:

  • Developing business plans
  • Providing advice on how to receive a business loan
  • Building a strong marketing plan
  • Day-to-day management challenges and solutions
  • Business accounting and legal issues
  • Charting business growth
  • and more...

Austin SCORE provides multiple workshops per month that are either free or low-cost. Examples of workshops offered include:

  • Starting and running your own business
  • Market Research
  • Launching Social Media
  • Mastering Business Finance
  • Franchising
  • Increasing sales
  • Steps to grow your business